Sat 9/29

Doors 7:30 / Show 8:30
Electric Factory
— $56.50 ADV - $59.50 DOS | All Ages
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You’ll Never Forget Your First Time…. Was it really that long ago when synthesizers and cotton-candy hair seemed oh-so modern? Not for The Lost 80’s Live, this Reagan era tour features some of the most recognizable acts from that great decade, featuring: A Flock Of Seagulls, Wang Chung, Farrington and Mann the original WHEN IN ROME UK, and more. This amazing show is filled with all your favorite 80’s songs performed by the artist’s you know and remember, I Ran and Space Age Love Song: A FLOCK OF OF SEAGULLS, Dance Hall Days and Everybody Have Fun Tonight: WANG CHUNG. This show is a must see, featuring one hit after another and is sure to keep you on your feet, dancing to the melodies you remember so well. Obsession and I Engineer: ANIMOTION and The Promise and Heaven Knows: FARRINGTON AND MANN the original WHEN IN ROME UK. The Lost 80’s Live tour has been described by thousands of concert goers as a greatest hits show of the 80’s and a rare opportunity to experience so many great bands in one concert, one night, on one stage. Every song played is on a greatest hit’s CD of the 80’s and the moment is timeless, don’t miss this 80’s best of concert, don’t miss the Lost 80’s Live.


  • A Flock Of Seagulls

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    It took musical training and talent to program a drum machine and sing to synth, and a bit more effort to craft a look and sound that was original – or odd – enough to get noticed by record companies, and then by the record buying audience. There’s probably no better early ’80s’ example of this than A Flock of Seagulls. The band, founded by hairdressers Mike Score and Frank Maudsley, Score’s brother Ali, and Paul Reynolds was a late product of the Liverpool music scene that produced such hard hitting pop acts as Mikes Score Live, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Teardrop Explodes. Their first single – Telecommunication – was a Electro-Dance Beat, piece of new wave pop that sounds like an early New Order, Still, their early offerings were enough to land them an opening slot on Squeeze’s US tour, and the next six months were spent building up a substantial American following. With their eponymous debut album in 1982 came the hits “Space Age Love Song” a happy romantic song of love and lose and in 2001 Was Featured In the Columbia Pictures, “ Not Another teen Movie ” the song for which they will always be remembered by most Americans – “I Ran.” The video which accompanied “I Ran” is possibly the ‘head spinning ‘ Yet most remembered 80s’ hit ever made: singer Score sports his trademark ‘waterfall’ hair and looks pensive in a room covered from floor to ceiling with aluminum foil, in which you can see the reflection of the cameras. 80s’ Classic. A Flock of Seagulls was initially criticized in their native land for not wanting to become UK pop stars, but they would make a mark any ways on the UK charts after the release of their second album”LISTEN” with the top ten single “Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You“. The song is hauntingly powerful in the same early-’80s-techno way as Nik Kershaw’s “Wouldn’t It be Good” and Thomas Dolby’s “One of Our Submarines,” songs which still stand up to this day. The bands next offering was their third album “THE STORY OF A YOUNG HEART” featured another song about Heartbreak and Life, titled , “The More You Live, The More You Love” And this 80’s Classic Hit still receives regular Radio play along with “I Ran”, “Space Age Love Song” and Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You). Twenty year later the band is back touring and sounding stronger than ever, Performing all their Greatest hits! I Ran, Space Age Love Song, Telecommunication, DNA (Grammy Award Winning Song 1984) Wishing ( if I had a photograph of you ), The More You Live, The More You Love, The Dancer (never again), Transfer Affection, Nightmares (Mama I keep having , Committed, Quicksand, The Story Of A Young Heart, It’s Not Me Talking. . and more

  • Wang Chung

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    Wang Chung’s story begins in the late 1970s, when the creative core of Jack Hues and Nick Feldman first met in London. Prompted by the freedom of the punk music movement in England, they played together in several avant-garde bands before finally becoming “Huang Chung” in 1980. The band signed a recording contract with Arista Records in 1981 after adding drummer Darren Costin to the lineup, and released their debut self-titled Huang Chung LP in 1982. By 1983, the band switched from Arista to Geffen Records in America. The band also changed their name to “Wang Chung” and immediately went back to the studio to record. 1984 saw Wang Chung’s debut release on their new record label, entitled Points On The Curve. “Dance Hall Days” was their first major hit in Britain, yet the band hit the Top 40 twice in America – “Don’t Let Go” made it to number 36, while “Dance Hall Days” peaked at number 16 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. By the summer of 1984, “Dance Hall Days” was a worldwide hit. Drummer Darren Costin left the band in late 1984. Jack Hues and Nick Feldman continued as a duo and released Mosaic in 1986. The album was their biggest success, launching the number two hit “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” and the top ten smash “Let’s Go!”. “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” was instantly accessible, universally appealing, and one of the most memorable songs of the decade.

  • Naked Eyes

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    In the early days while still performing in the pubs of Bath, England, Byrne, as one half of the synth-pop pioneers Naked Eyes, along with bandmate Rob Fisher, shared a love for the music of Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. “It was around 1980 that Rob and I formed a band called Neon, that would later include Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal,” says Byrne. “We recorded a few songs, but the band fizzled, and Roland and Curt went on to form Tears For Fears, while Rob and I created Naked Eyes.” Almost immediately, the band signed to EMI and began recording at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. “… I’ve always loved the songs from the great girl singers of the sixties, and one day in the studio we decided to do a cover of one of them; it could easily have been a Dusty Springfield song or a Cilla Black tune, but as fate would have it, we settled on a Sandie Shaw song.” That song, was the Burt Bacharach/Hal David tune “Always Something There To Remind Me,” which immediately exploded into the Top Ten…..followed by the self-penned “Promises, Promises” and “When The Lights Go Out.” The back to back to back hits resulted in massive U.S. radio airplay and an almost constant presence on MTV (even if it was in pajamas.)

  • Dramarama

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    Bang, and here we go… Sporting three of the original “four-ish” members of Dramarama (“four-ish,” you ask? Well, they didn’t start out with a permanent drummer, and after all, are many drummers really permanent?), the band is having more fun than ever and exudes a confidence and ease that only can come through experience. With the addition thirteen or so years ago of bassist Mike Davis (among other accomplishments, Mike is also the bass player for Metal God Rob Halford,) and drummer Tony Snow (The Change, Glimmer Stars, as well as a permanent member of Dramarama) original Dramarama members Peter Wood, Mark Englert, and john easdale have really found their musical brethren. If you saw Dramarama back in the day and thought they were good, now you’ll be blown away; these guys are PHENOMENAL!* Every show is live, no tapes or tracks here! Every show is different, no formula, no set list. Every show is at least five talented guys having a great time on stage and sharing that experience with the audience. *Of course this is subjective and mainly applies to those audiences with common sense and exceptional musical taste. Dramarama is Mark Englert (Lead/Rhythm Guitar); Peter Wood (Lead/Rhythm Guitar); Mike Davis (Bass); Tony Snow (Drums) and john Easdale (Singer/Songwriter). Dramarama’s “Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)” remains one of the most requested songs of all time on Los Angeles’s World Famous KROQ 106.7 FM

  • Animotion

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    Animotion was formed in 1983 in Los Angeles by Astrid Plane - Vocals, Charles Ottavio - bass, Bill Wadhams - vocals and guitar, Paul Antonelli - keyboards and Frenchy Obrien on drums. During the recording of the debut Polygram album and the hit song Obsession - Don Kirkpatrick - lead guitar and Greg Smith - keyboards joined the group. On February 8, 2001 by special request from Alex Hart of KNRK in Portland, Oregon and with mega-effort from Bill, Animotion reunited. In a display combining energy, emotion and intensity they played to a sold-out crowd. The band all agreed that it felt like magic to be onstage together again and Animotion Version 2001 was launched!

  • Farrington & Mann The Original When In Rome UK

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    Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann of WHEN IN ROME UK are the Original vocalists of “WHEN IN ROME” Original vocalist Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann are the original vocalist that appeared on the debut record in 1987, signed to Virgin Records which includes the smash hit “The Promise”. Clive Farrington is also the original vocalist appearing in the music video “The Promise” With Over 1.8 million records sold and 25 + Years Later, WHEN IN ROME’S “The Promise” is known World wide as a Certified Hit. In both top 40 and AC charts around the Globe. Remember the closing scene from Napoleon-Dynamite, the film voted Best Picture at the 2005 MTV movie awards? As Napoleon finds some sort of resolution in his offbeat, own private Idaho, 80s-throwback lifestyle, a haunting synth chord from that electro-decade surges to the soundtrack’s surface and a classic piano phrase takes us into the end credits. The song is When In Rome’s “The Promise”, the signature tune for the movie and still getting regular airplay across the country 18 years after it hit the Billboard Top Ten. When In Rome The Promise was also number #1 on the dance chart for 7 weeks, three more hits that reached the top 100 as well, “Heaven Knows”, “Wide, Wide Sea” and “Childs Play”, all Four hits released on their debut CD on Virgin records 1987-88.

  • Gene Loves Jezebel

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    Gene Loves Jezebel is a Welsh gothic rock band from the early 1980s founded by twin brothers, Michael and Jay Aston. Michael Aston (vocals) was the poetic, goth-leaning side of the twin brothers while Jay Aston’s distinctive banshee-like, wailing vocals supplied Gene Loves Jezebel with one of their many trademark quirks. Originally called Slav Aryan, Gene Loves Jezebel began in 1980 with the brothers, guitarist Ian Hudson, and a drum machine. The Astons grew up in Porthcawl, South Wales, making the move to London in 1981. With a new home, and shortly thereafter, the new name, the trio played several live shows and was signed by Situation Two. In May 1982, the label released Gene Loves Jezebel’s demo and a single “Shaving My Neck.” The band then added bassist Julianne Regan followed, Regan was replaced by Ian Hudson on Bass (and Albi DeLuca took over the guitar role) and went on to form All About Eve, Gene Loves Jezebel underwent a dozen or so line up changes between 1981-1985 alone! The band was really about the twins after all. The band released two more singles in 1983 before their debut album Promise peaked at number 8 in the U.K.’s indie charts. In 1984, the group recorded a John Peel radio session for BBC and toured America with fellow Welsh artist John Cale. The second album, Immigrant, was released in mid-1985. However, during an agonizing American tour for Immigrant, founding member Ian Hudson suffered a nervous breakdown and was replaced by former Gen X guitarist James Stevenson.

  • Bow Wow Wow

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    Annabella Lwin, at the tender age of fourteen, was one of the most photographed, talked about and popular vocalists in the early 80’s with her band, BOW WOW WOW, who enjoyed success with massive hits such as ‘I Want Candy’, ’Do U wanna Hold Me?’, ‘Go Wild in the Country’ and ‘C30, C60, C90, Go!’ Her unique vocals — which swung between sweet fourteen and Balinese banshee squeals — defined the sound of a new and energetic pop culture; her memorable performances influencing and inspiring a brand new wave of up‐and‐coming artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins and Green Day amongst others. Annabella continued to perform and develop her songwriting throughout the 90’s, assembling her second band The Naked Experience, as well as collaborating with other musicians and songwriters such as Billy Steinberg (Madonna, Divinyls) and Ellen Shipley (Belinda Carlisle), releasing classics like ‘Carsex’ and dance hits like ‘Do What U Do’, produced by Steve Lironi (Hansen). As well as writing and recording original material as a solo artist, she has been a featured vocalist on numerous transatlantic dance favourites with Tony B (LA’s hottest radio dance DJ) the Utah Saints (England's’ most innovative and popular DJ Duo) and Jason Nevins (Run DMC remixer of ‘Walk this Way’.)
 Her songwriting/co‐production brought her collaborations with Guy Chambers (songwriter for Robbie Williams’ chart hits), and seasoned producers such as Michael Lattanzi (Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Sly & Robbie, Anastasia.)

  • DJ Robert Drake

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