Flying Lotus in 3D

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3D glasses will be given out the night of the show!

OPENING ACT(s): Seven Davis Jr. , PBDY , Tierra Whack

Sat 11/4

Doors 7:30 / Show 8:30
Electric Factory
— $30 ADV - $35 DOS | All Ages
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You see, no one likes talking about death. But Flying Lotus has never been one to lead the people on a simple journey. With You’re Dead! he has managed to create a shamanic pilgrimage into the psychedelic unknown of the infinite afterlife. At once reflective, restless, heart wrenching and joyous, this is a melodic ode to those who have died young, suddenly and unexpectedly – those who have passed away into another realm completely - while also existing as a comfort to those mourning the loss of a loved one, those left behind in our here and now. You’re Dead! serves as an exploration, a eulogy and a portal between these parallel domains. “My perspective comes from having lost a lot of people. A lot of my family members passed, but a lot of my colleagues passed away too soon,” says Flying Lotus. “I felt like in my own experiences, I wanted them to have this same sense of self.” Musically, the album treats death as a transition from one experience to another, from one dimension of sound to another. Masterfully, Flying Lotus bathes death in the sensitive, affectionate light of a storyteller. Flying Lotus takes listeners on a consciousness-fracturing journey as they follow those who’ve passed away as they embark on their tender new existences “on the other side.” This life in the new dimension is rife with excitement, adjustments and reconciliation for some who are struggling to make sense of how they got to the other side in the first place. “The album isn’t about the end,” says Flying Lotus. “It’s really the beginning. It’s the beginning of a new experience,” he says. “It’s not hey you’re dead,” he says somberly. “It’s hey you’re dead!” he says with an uptick of enthusiasm. “To me it’s a celebration of the next experience. Also, it’s the transition and the confusion,” he adds. You’re Dead! is a hefty undertaking, but Flying Lotus aptly creates an engaging sonic delight, part spiritual carnival, part melancholic symphony, all the while coaxing listeners out of their fears of the unknown – and sometimes indulging those same fears. This aural procession through the afterlife does not trade on our clichéd catalog of pop-culture references to extinction. You won’t find grim reaper-referencing rote drama, or the pallid somber palette of reverential muzak. This is a sonic, visual and metaphysical fusion of technological innovation and technical virtuosity that amounts to a transcendent, mind-expanding plasm that could only exists between our world and another.


  • Seven Davis Jr.

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    Samuel "Seven" Davis Jr was born in Texas on April 3rd and raised in California. As a teenager, one day he combined the numbers in his birthday (April/4th month + 3) and "Seven" became his nickname. "Sev" is an internationally loved Singer, Songwriter, Producer and DJ with supporters from all ages, lifestyles and genres. Growing up Sev was heavily inspired by artists/musicians from Sammy Davis Jr to Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson to Prince, Sly & The Family Stone to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix to Burt Bacharach + more. Gospel, Funk, Oldies, House and Hip Hop were strong influences as well. Since 3 years old Sev began professional training as a gospel + jazz vocalist. Eventually he matured into Acid Jazz + R&B styled vocals. As a teen Sev also began studying production of various genres. Sev furthered his experience working as a background singer in the gospel, independent and mainstream industry. He also worked behind the scenes providing ghostwriting, ghost vocals and ghost production in various genres. Until deciding to pursue his own solo career permanently in 2012. Eventually Sev moved to London where he learned to DJ in Gilles Peterson’s record label basement. Between 2012 to 2017 Sev collaborated with artists like Steve Spacek, Hot Chip, Four Tet, Electric Wire Hustle, Funkineven, Julio Bashmore, Osunlade, Honey Dijon, Metronomy ft Robyn , Mono/Poly & Thundercat, Mark Farina, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Detroit Swindle, Jesse Rose + more. While also playing multi genre events worldwide with artists like Flying Lotus, KAYTRANADA, Moodymann + more. He's contributed various mixes over time to popular music media sources worldwide including BBC, Red Bull, Fact Mag, Okayplayer + others. Sev also hosts a monthly show on Pioneer DJ Radio (Ibiza) called “New Kids In The Club”. Sev signed to Ninja Tune records 2014 to 2016 until he left and returned to America to start his own imprint titled “Secret Angels”. In 2016 Sev went on hiatus to record his sophomore album "Live from the Other Side". He is now back and on tour.

  • PBDY


    Paul Preston a.k.a. PBDY was born in Long Island & raised in Phoenix. Through shared interests in multiple art forms, he became Internet friends with Flying Lotus back in 2007 during the golden age of Myspace. As that friendship flourished, he one day received a text from Flylo inviting him out to Los Angeles with an opportunity to be roommates with The Gaslamp Killer. The rest is, as they say, history. PBDY, soon became an essential member of the Brainfeeder crew. Playing label showcases in NYC for RBMA, Japan and Europe, as well as touring with Flying Lotus on his ‘YOU'RE DEAD’ tour. Soon he dove head first into music with a side project joining fellow Brainfeeder comrade Jeremiah Jae the two form as JP Moregun. Their debut mixtape was released on Brainfeeder in 2016 and was followed by a European tour. PBDY then released a collaborative EP he produced with London based MC BUCHANAN in 2017. He continues to release mixtapes and hosts a monthly radio show on NTS Radio, all while running his own label TAR. His passion for music has led him on an ongoing journey to spread soundscapes & ideas.

  • Tierra Whack

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