Circa Survive + Thrice

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OPENING ACT(s): CHON , Balance and Composure

Fri 11/24

Doors 6:00 / Show 6:45
Electric Factory
— $34.50 ADV - $40 DOS | All Ages
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CIRCA SURVIVE Circa Survive entered Salad Days studio a band of fantastical origins and boundless ambitions; one that was still developing its chemistry and creative cohesion. Perhaps they were too new to each other; perhaps too unaccustomed to the wholly collaborative creative process they demanded of themselves; perhaps too prepared. Today, it’s hard to remember that Circa Survive — vocalist Anthony Green, guitarists Colin Frangicetto and Brendan Ekstrom, bassist Nick Beard and drummer Steve Clifford – began their journey together so eagerly. After several years, two successful album and limitless amounts of love and respect earned and shared between one another, Circa Survive has become one of the most impactful, ethereal bands on the planet. Perhaps even more significantly, they’ve also become a family – which explains why the suburban, Pennsylvania house that serves as the band’s writing and rehearsal space is also their shared home. “I’m pretty sure that each member knows everything there is to know about everyone in this band, being together as much as we are,” laughs Beard. It’s precisely that level of intimacy that’s fuelled Circa Survive’s every action – including tours with bands like My Chemical Romance, Coheed and Cambria and Cute Is What We Aim For – and infused their critical accomplishments – they graced the cover of Alternative Press’ coveted 100 Bands You Need To Know issue (April 2007) – with a sense of pride. So by the time Circa Survive was ready to begin crafting the follow-up to 2005’s breakthrough Juturna, the chemistry and togetherness combined with their shared experiences was ready to extend to their music as well. “Everyone was just doing what they wanted, how they wanted and somewhere in the middle we made songs out of it,” remembers Frangicetto. “My body and mind just went into total creation mode. I was lost in the moment. That kind of intimacy is somewhat rare, especially for five males, but that’s what we set up from the beginning. It’s very much surrendering. And, whatever we’re doing, just being as real as possible.” THRICE Thrice has been a staple in the alternative-modern-rock world for nearly ten years now. With no real need for introduction, Thrice is known for effortlessly and continuously releasing groundbreaking records. Their eighth album Major/Minor is no exception. Building off the momentum of 2009’s Beggars, Thrice (frontman/guitarist Dustin Kensrue, guitarist Teppei Teranishi, bassist Eddie Breckenridge and drummer Riley Breckenridge) once again found themselves getting back to basics; four guys sitting in a room jamming out, making music. “ We had so much fun making Beggars and it was such a smooth process that it only made sense to keep capitalizing on the natural energy in the room when we’re together,” notes Riley. “We just wanted to focus on being a rock band.” The Orange County, California quartet released their first proper full-length, Identity Crisis, in 2001 and quickly stormed to the forefront of the indie music scene as listeners rejoiced and formed what can only be described as a cult following. Thrice went on to release six highly praised albums – fan favorites The Illusion Of Safety (2002), The Artist In The Ambulance (2003) and Vheissu (2005), the brilliant and intricate four-piece concept album The Alchemy Index: Fire and Water (2007) and Earth and Air (2008), and the most recent band-centric masterpiece, Beggars (2009). Ample touring followed each release, and in the 13 years since their inception, the guys of Thrice have had the pleasure of sharing the road with the likes of Brand New, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Manchester Orchestra, Circa Survive, Say Anything, Mewithoutyou and many more. “I can’t wait to get back on the road,” Ed says. “Some of my best friends are the people we tour with. I’d love to meet new bands or tour with old friends on this album. Either way I’m excited.”


  • CHON

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    Underneath a canopy of electronic-tinged soundscapes and tapestries of lush guitar mastery, you can practically feel the Southern California coast come to life on CHON’s second full-length album Homey [Sumerian Records]. Following the success of 2015’s Grow and worldwide touring with everyone from Periphery and Animals As Leaders to Circa Survive, the instrumental quartet—brothers Mario [guitar] and Nathan Camarena [drums] and Erick Hansel [guitar]—returned home to San Diego in the summer of 2016 to begin work on what would become their next musical offering. For the very first time, they rented a rehearsal space a stone’s throw from the ocean, and the beachside locale’s influence courses through 12 virtuosic and vibrant new musical movements. “Before I really traveled a lot, I didn’t realize how much of an impact Southern California had on our sound,” admits Mario. “I never understood it, because I didn’t have a point of reference. When we started touring and I saw the rest of the world, I realized how much that influence does come through naturally and subconsciously. I feel like the happy vibes were always there, but they particularly shine on Homey.”

  • Balance and Composure

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    Doylestown, PA quintet Balance and Composure formed in 2007 with members Jon Simmons (vocals, guitar), Erik Petersen (guitar), Andy Playmaker (guitar, backing vocals), Matt Warner (bass) and Bailey Van Ellis (drums). Their debut album Separation, arrived in 2011, finding critical acclaim and was supported by consistent touring with the likes of Circa Survive, La Dispute, Title Fight and Touché Amore. In 2013 they released their second album, The Things We Think We’re Missing, which peaked at number 51 on the US Billboard 200, as well as breaking into the Top 20 of the Independent Albums Chart, the Modern Rock/Alternative Albums and Rock Albums Chart. Their brand new album Light We Made was produced by Will Yip and sees the band taking a giant leap in sound and scope. With a die-hard fanbase and a headline tour on the books, look for Balance and Composure to make big moves in 2016 and beyond.

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