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The Sin and The Sentence World Tour | VIP includes a ticket, early entry, meet & greet, photo op, tote bag, & guitar pick set.

OPENING ACT(s): Avatar , Light The Torch

Sat 10/13

Doors 7:30 / Show 8:30
Electric Factory
— $25 ADV - $30 DOS - $125 VIP | All Ages
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In life, two options exist: death or growth. On their eighth full-length offeringThe Sin and The Sentence[Roadrunner Records], Trivium choose the latter once again. In fact, the record represents an apotheosis of every element that at once defined the Florida group since its 1999 formation. Moments of malevolent melodicism give way to taut technical thrash, black metal expanse, punk spirit, and heavy heart tightly threaded together by the musical union of the quartet—Matt Heafy [vocals, guitar], Corey Beaulieu [guitar], Paolo Gregoletto [bass], and Alex Bent [drums]. Unsurprisingly, these eleven songs resulted from an unquenchable hunger for improvement. “It was a do-or-die moment,” exclaims Heafy. “There were no two ways about it. We’ve always had this will to be better. I started taking inventory of everything we’ve done right or wrong, and it made me apply that thinking to the new music. What ended up coming about was, in my opinion, a combination of the best things we’ve ever done. We all agreed, ‘We have to make the best record of our career right now.’” Given their global success, this goal proved nothing short of a tall order. 2015’s Silence in the Snow ignited something of a renaissance for the boys. Moving 17,000copies upon debut, it bowed Top 20 on the BillboardTop 200 and claimed the #3 spot on the Top Rock Albums chart. “Until the World Goes Cold”arrived as their biggest single to date, achieving the band’s first Top 10 at Active Rock and generating a staggering 17.1 million Spotify streams and 14.9 million YouTube/VEVO views and counting.The Guardian, Classic Rock, Ultimate Guitar, and more praised Silence in the Snow as they sold out shows worldwide. Despite the explosive nature of the previous campaign, the musicians quietly commenced work on what would transform into The Sin and the Sentence, collating ideas and assembling songs on the road. Without telling anyone outside of the inner circle, they retreated to the Southern California studio of producer Josh Wilbur[Lamb of God, Gojira] for just a month in 2017. “By the time we got to Josh, 99% of this was written,” explains Heafy. “With Vengeance Falls and Silence in the Snow, we came into the studio with about 50% completed. When we’re as prepared as possible, we make our best music. This was more like Ember to Inferno, Ascendancy, Shogun, and In Waves where we brought a cohesive vision into the studio. Josh pushed us to refine that and make it even better. We made the kinds of songs we wanted to hear.” An important first, Gregolet to took the reins writing lyrics. The results freed up Heafy to soar on the mic.


  • Avatar

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    Within Avatar’s diverse songs, a steady focus on the fluid and organic power of the riff (recalling the thunderous foresight of heavy metal’s original wizards, Black Sabbath) takes flight combined with an adventurous sprit veering off into the astral planes of the psychedelic atmosphere conjured by pioneers like Pink Floyd back in the day. Avatar has found a footing that combines the best of rock n’ roll, hard rock and heavy metal’s past, present and future into an overall artistic presentation that is thought-provoking, challenging and altogether enchantingly electric. With the grandiose showmanship of American professional wrestling, the snake oil salesmanship of early 20th century vaudevillian troubadours and the kinetically superheroic power of early Kiss, Avatar lays waste to lesser mortals with ease. Whether somebody gets their rocks off listening to Satyricon or System of a Down, they’ll find something suitably deranged here.

  • Light The Torch

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    LIGHT THE TORCH is a burgeoning new force within the hard rock/metal community who just inked a new world-wide deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The group, formerly known as Devil You Know, features the iconic Howard Jones (ex-Killswitch Engage) on vocals, Francesco Artusato (ex-All Shall Perish) on guitars and Ryan Wombacher (ex-Bleeding Through) on bass.